Sois le premier averti pour la sortie de nos [Essentials]

Illusion is a French premium, techwear/streetwear-chic clothing brand.
Inspired by a dreamlike universe, Illusion immerses its community in a mystical, fantastic world contrasted by the reality of the society in which people finds himself today.

Is it real?



  • Outlander Magazine (UK)

    Feeling sensitive may not be on everyones list of favorite emotions to experience, but we can't deny its one of the many that make us feel totally human. French-based label Illusion aimed to capture this emotion in its purest form and showcase how it can be shared through clothing through their aptly titled “[SENS]ITIVE 0.1” SS22 Collection.

  • Thirty Three Degrees (FR)

    This new Parisian brand applies itself in the technique of the clothing it offers. She draws her inspiration from art, music and architecture. It carries an important message and wishes to integrate us into its illusory journey which alternates between future and reality.

  • Le Faire Podcast / Station Station (FR)

    “Le Faire” revolves around music, fashion, and “the creation of projects” in the broad sense. What made you want to start a fashion business? In music ? What was the trigger ? What is your background ? What advice would you give to someone just starting out?