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Logbook: 111121 12:03

Official release of the new and first Season [Sens]itive .01 collection at 7 p.m.

After having jumped into the deep end last March with the .Hors du TEMPS 001 collection, it is today rather with a feeling of excitement that I apprehend this release.
I wanted to present another register, which is more akin to techwear_chic than streetwear.

The fluidity of the pieces combined with the technicality of the materials and details is, and will be, a central core of the "Saisons" collections.

I can't wait to be at 7 p.m. and show them the new launch video.

I will also post in this ".Research & .Development" section design ideas, sketches, diagrams/models, photos and I will try to share my feelings with them.

Note to self: Introducing the new product .H0MEDE5IGN

Logbook: 111121 18:37

Only a few minutes left before the official release. I hope they will like it.

Logbook: 171121 11:04

A look back at the S[S]01 Technical Trench.

Logbook: 201121 09:36

The new product .H0MEDE5IGN is coming soon. I am also currently working on a new special visual for a future piece. Still in the theme of Sensibility but with a more offbeat, expressive side than the first pieces of the S[S].01.

The picture loads...

Logbook: 301121 10:04

I am preparing our pop-up store exhibition at Scandle Paris at 68 rue blanche in Paris.
The place is really nice and it will happen on 031221.

We were invited by the point_mob which is a multidisciplinary collective with which the connection goes well! I'll drop off the pieces, mainly from the new Season [Sens]itive .01 collection, by the weekend.

Logbook: 031221 12:41

D-Day. Last finalizations for this evening. It is also an opportunity to meet you and share good times. There will be a DJ set, 2 other brands, Mob merch and also the possibility of eating in the restaurant.

See you tonight at 6:00 p.m. at 68 Rue Blanche, Paris 75009

Logbook: 110122 09:44
New sweatshirt in preparation. To complete the Saison [Sens]itive .01 collection, I wanted us to release a simple dark gray crewneck sweatshirt with a blurred logo on the chest.

Here are the first sketches.

Crewneck Illusion Sketch

Logbook: 220122 15:00
First appearance at Paris Fashion Week near the Hermès show.
This is an opportunity to meet people, artists and very talented photographers. The outfits are extraordinary, sought after, sophisticated and everyone is there for the same reason.
The fashion.


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